guys, here she comes! she’s coming! how do we make it a big moment?

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Although, they did spoof Die Hard too. When the McPoyles took over the bar and held the gang hostage


regardless i have no say in future spoofs (yet)

you guys are sharp tonight

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also that was lethal weapon. haha

i told myself to correct that mistake but i went to a different tab between reading the message and replying and clearly i forgot

you get a free coors light™

i loved your take on die hard, i think most would enjoy it if you guys spoofed more great films

i 100% agree but unfortunately i’m not actually affiliated with the show so i have no say in whether or not that happens

when i finally succeed in making kaitlin olson my best friend i’ll have her pass the message along to rob tho



back when I first started doing photography I had the difficult task of asking all my subjects for their permission to use their image in a photograph.  it wasn’t until I finally read the law books that I realized you don’t have to ask permission to take pictures of birds.  birds don’t have the same legal rights as humans apparently.  outrageous but true


30 favourite characters (in no particular order) » 14. ‘Mac’ McDonald.

I went from a tiny twink to the muscle-bound freak you see before you.