It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S07E11 | Requested by helenlavoie

Charlie, sit down.
Don’t tell me to sit down dude!

guys, here she comes! she’s coming! how do we make it a big moment?

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Although, they did spoof Die Hard too. When the McPoyles took over the bar and held the gang hostage


regardless i have no say in future spoofs (yet)

you guys are sharp tonight

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also that was lethal weapon. haha

i told myself to correct that mistake but i went to a different tab between reading the message and replying and clearly i forgot

you get a free coors light™

i loved your take on die hard, i think most would enjoy it if you guys spoofed more great films

i 100% agree but unfortunately i’m not actually affiliated with the show so i have no say in whether or not that happens

when i finally succeed in making kaitlin olson my best friend i’ll have her pass the message along to rob tho