So while there is still no official word on season 9 being released on Netflix, you can go ahead and buy the DVD now!

(rumor for Netflix is December but nothing is for sure)


Yeah, I turn on the TV and I see everything lookin’ so glossy and pretty. You know, those people with their apartments in New York City that are the size of airplane hangers, and decorated from Williams-Sonoma, and yet they’re all in their early 20s and haven’t figured out what to do with their lives. I don’t understand that. What planet are people living on? So we wanted to do something that, while it’s heightened, and the situations are ridiculous, at least the world the people live in is a little more believable.- Rob-Mcelhenney

So season 9 already came out on dvd but it's not on netflix :( any clue when it will be???

no word on netflix yet. but it is available on uk netflix, which you can access with hola unblocker.


every goddamn it from iasip

i think the fact that im uploading this at 2 in the morning says it all

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Great news!

To tie in with the upcoming 10th season, The Gang decided to write a book that will be released January 6th.

The 7 Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today

Preoder Kindle and paperback editions from Amazon today.

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You know what this all makes me realize, though? Is that maybe the three of us were meant to be best friends…together.