Great news!

To tie in with the upcoming 10th season, The Gang decided to write a book that will be released January 6th.

The 7 Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today

Preoder Kindle and paperback editions from Amazon today.

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You know what this all makes me realize, though? Is that maybe the three of us were meant to be best friends…together.


hey, everyone in the always sunny fandom!! alsweargens and i are seriously going to organize an always sunny big bang!!

we plan on making the word count pretty low to attract more participants, since the always sunny fandom is so small. it would be awesome if a lot of people did something for the big bang, even if they dont usually write or draw. anyway, stay tuned for more updates & info!!

Any idea when the Season 9 DVD comes out? I'm dying over here!

according to walmart and target's websites, the dvd preorders ship on september 2nd, but i haven't seen any ~official~ word on whether or not that's true.

they usually come out around that time, so even though the season 10 premiere has been pushed to january, we’ll probably get the dvd in the fall.

and before anyone else asks, no, still no word on when it’ll hit netflix. probably around the same time as the dvd release. but it is already available on uk netflix!

Charlie’s songs | “Keyboards just make sense to me, man. I get ‘em, you know.”

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S07E11 | Requested by helenlavoie