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Sunny has been renewed for an additional 2 seasons, putting the grand total at 12 seasons.

Season 10 to premiere this fall on FXX.

Information about the first 4 episodes of season 9

Episode 9.01 – “The Gang Broke Dee” – Airs Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. EDT

“Dee starts to embrace the desperate, self-loathing qualities the guys have beaten into her over the years, sending her stand-up comedy career to unexpected places.” Written by Charlie Day & Glenn Howerton & Rob McElhenney; directed by Richie Keen.

Episode 9.02 – “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot” – Airs Sept. 11 at 10 p.m.

“After Frank appears on local television advocating gun ownership, the rest of the gang takes a look at the ownership process and alternatives to find a common ground on this still heated issue.” Written by Charlie Day & Glenn Howerton & Rob McElhenney; directed by Todd Biermann.

Episode 9.03 – “The Gang Tries Desperately To Win An Award” – Airs Sept. 18 at 10 p.m.

“Tired of failing to be recognized for their years of service in the bar industry, the gang changes their ways to give the patrons what they think they want.” Written by David Hornsby; directed by Richie Keen.

Episode 9.04 – “Mac And Dennis Buy A Timeshare” – Airs Sept. 25 at 10 p.m.

“The gang does their best to recoup their investments in questionable schemes by dumping their losses on Ben the soldier while trying to avoid being duped again by whatever mastermind is pulling their strings.” Written by Dave Chernin & John Chernin; directed by Dan Attias.

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Take a look at the new season of Sunny, returning October 11th!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is back Oct. 11 with an ALL NEW CAST!