It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Drinking Game

Drink one drink per scene per character who is drinking.
When Rob McElhenny is shown in beginning credits
Anytime Dee stands up for whats right
Anytime Mac tries to assert himself as a leader
Anytime they mention Charlie work
Anytime sniffing glue is mentioned
Anytime frank says Whore
Anytime mac says Bitch
Anytime a character mentions popping a shirt off
Anytime they mention Dee’s backbrace
Anytime Charlie’s illiteracy is mentioned/referenced
Anytime a character says Bang
Anytime someone uses a bad comeback
Anytime a character says Boom or Bam
Anytime they play Rick Astley
Anytime a character pulls a gun out they were hiding
Anytime Frank says youre bringing me down
Anytime Frank mentions gambling or gambles
Anytime a character mentions talent
Anytime Sweet Dee is told she’s ugly/untalented/unattractive
Anytime Charlie is wearing his epic horse t-shirt and long johns
Anytime Dennis mentions his cheekbones
Anytime Mac mentions karate
Anytime Mac is wearing a new sleeveless shirt
Anytime Frank says “shit”
Anytime Rickety Cricket, Artemis, or the McPoyles are onscreen
Anytime someone says “Dammit”
Anytime someone compares Dee to a giant bird
Anytime Mac is wearing a sleevless t-shirt
Anytime the Waitress rejects Charlie
Anytime Charlie shows emotion by screaming
Anytime the neon COCKTAILS sign only says COCK because of the camera angle (This happens a lot. Applies to seasons 1&2 only.)
Anytime a character talks about, does, buys or sells drugs
Anytime Sweet Dee kicks in anger
Anytime someone says “you people”
Anytime someone says HEYO.
Anytime someone says bitches (what’s up bitches, later bitches, etc)
Anytime the waitress tries getting with Dennis
Anytime Charlie screams

Original submission by specialbunny
Additional material submitted by cobwebs, omgwtfnikki, katherinealbin, fortruthisalwaysstrange, giaface

If you guys have other IAS drinking game rules, send them in and I will compile them in this post.